Your Personal Manager

Let us help you get better fuel economy, and manage your vehicle, with real time diagnostics, driving behavior, and reminder notifications.
Add on drivers score card, point of interest, eco driving, geo fencing, violation reports, lock out prevention, and unauthorized driving. Be able to locate your vehicle if lost or stolen and track your mileage through reports from your personal manager.
With the end result in mind getting you top dollar when it's time to trade in or sell

What Would You Do With The Extra Time

Take Your Weekends Back

If your vehicle’s engine temperature has risen too high, if the check engine light has come on, or if it’s just time for an oil change – our system will alert us as soon as it occurs. Then, we will contact you, let you know what the problem is, send you a competitive estimate, and schedule to come out and service your vehicle. 

Whether you are at home or at the office our solutions were built with you in mind. Whether it’s maintenance, repair, or management our proven methods enables your vehicle to keep moving. 

This is just the beginning, and we don’t stop here. We are dedicated to helping our environment and believe that we can also set a new standard. With things like Lifetime Air Filters, Extended Drain Intervals, Efficient Routing, Lifetime Protection Plan. We are also dedicated to giving back to the communities we live in. 

Fleetside can do so much more that just a simple oil change though, (for a full list of services see our Services Tab). We can also take care of some of the more complex services that your vehicle might need, such as spark plugs, or hoses, a transmission fluid service and even your brakes, whatever the maintenance need Fleetside has you covered, and because we come to you, you wont have to sit in the wiating room, or have to find some one to help shuttle you around while your car is being worked on. Fleetside makes it easy for you to keep your vehicle on the road.  

Let's face it, with our busy work schedules, and the activities we have in our life it can be a real strugle to get even a simple oil change done on your vehicle. Whether you are at home or at work, at the store or the gym, Fleetside can come to you and take care of that pesky maintenance that takes up so much of your time.  

Reliability Through The Connected Car

Yes Fleetside specializes

in maintaining large fleets all

over the country but this does not

mean we can't service the personal vehicles.

         Convenience With A Mechanic That Comes To You

Personal Vehicles

                     How It Works

Easily become a Club Fleetside Member. Plug in the wireless real time unit into the diagnostic port. 

​Now your mechanic and fleet manager are connected just as if they are beside you. Feel safe and comfortable around each corner and every mile knowing that if a check engine light comes on, or its just time for maintenance your mechanic and fleet manager are beside you. 

With the end result in mind getting you top dollar when it's time to trade in or sell


            Your Personal Mechanic

A mechanic that comes to you, at a convenient time and place.

You can see what your mechanic sees with electronic inspections. Go Green and save money with lifetime air filters, extended drain intervals, lifetime protection plan, Carfax reporting and much more from your personal mechanic.

With the end result in mind, getting you top dollar when it's time to trade in or sell. 


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