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"I highly recommend Fleet Services it's the best in Auto Care!!!!" -Bob M

"​Fleetside serves us, all 450 vehicles. From Napa in the North, down through the Salinas Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Yuma Arizona Area. Some of the new things Fleetside is rolling out are the Mobile Apps, the ability to track who is doing what, take pictures on the job site. With their vehicle tracking system lets them locate the vehicle when someone else wouldn’t be able to find it. They do the lube oil service no matter where its at. We don’t have to send people out there we can avoid that 4-5 people we would hire otherwise. It saves probably 20% on my bottom line." -Ron @ Cal Vans​​

"I was really impressed with the throughness of a basic oil change. They removed tires to check brakes. It didn't waste any of my time; no sitting at some oil & lube place. They came to me and did it while I kept working. Price? They are very competative. My Chevy Cruze uses a special synthetic oil and it didn't cost much more then regular synthetic. I would say on a price/service ratio, the service was much higer than any difference in price. They use technology to make a better product. I was impressed with the tablets they used to document the service activity. I received my email confirmation within minutes. They fit into MY schedule. I didn't have to arrrange my schedule and wait hours for the service window. They were here on time to service my car. I can't wait to have the ODBII adapter they use to follow your cars repoorts and service needs. (although it will probably report high sppeds on the freeways) As I understand it even has a GPS in it to track where you been. Richard you have definatly made a better mousetrap. I'm looking forward to 500,000 smiles from me for the service you are providing." -Tim Harper

"Fleet side came out and serviced my Mercedes at my office while I was working. My car is not an easy one to reset all the alerts. They had all the right equipment and serviced it as good if not better than taking it to the dealer. I would highly recommend them." -Joe M

"​Fleetside has a great system going on. They really do provide a great service that not everyone does. Outstanding job Richard!" -Bret B

"​Richard Felipe and his Fleetside service is truly innovative with his concept for staying on top of fleet maintenance. He's thorough and anticipates the needs of his customers. Plus he and his team are terrific to work with." -Kathy A

​“Fleetside puts a priority on maintenance and repair. My fleet of technicians are demanding, with a Club Fleetside Membership 4.0  I am able to manage it much easier. Their system allows me to go back and view history playback and see how long technicians were at a jobsite. I am able to do this anywhere I have access to the internet. They are allowing me to grow my business and serve more clients in a shorter period of time.” -Peter Patriquin, Appliance Service Plus


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      Customer Testimonial

"April Fools Day we were stranded at the Hwy 99 rest stop 5 miles south of Kingsburg with a truck pulling a 5th when the truck would not start. Fleetside diagnosed the problem, ordered a replacement starter and installed the next morning. The driver and mechanic were helpful, attentive and professional and I would highly recommend their service." -Ron R

​"When we get a call, someone's life is at stake. We cover primarily the service area for Tulare County. The periodic maintenance is a huge factor, not just the oil change but tire rotation and belts and plugs all the filters all the fluids. Fleetside has been really helpful and trust worthy. Lives are at stake so its extremely important." -Rodger @ Imperial Ambulance

"​Fleetside is great!!! Always Professional!" -Filter Shine C.

"Love the service. Top notch customer service from Fleetside. The convenience of them coming to you is priceless." -Jami H

"​We have 7 trucks that we run every day. The experience is just wonderful. I mean they come here and they take care of it and were gone and there is no down time for us. Its just been all in all a great experience." -Jeff @ Shaw's Air Conditioning and Heating