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The wave of the future is here. Hybrid technology has come a long way and Fleetside has developed techniques to keep up with it. No longer do you have to take your hybrid to the dealer, because a Fleetside technician can come to you. There is a maintenance program that specifically tailored to hybrids. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

Drive lines and u-joint couple the power that is generated from your engine and help get it to your wheels. Don't be left on the side of the road, let a Fleetside technician come to you and change out a u-joint, or repair your driveline.

Decreasing efficiency happens in your engine over time. A simple tune up can bring your engine back to life. Although most times routine maintenance should keep you from having to do a tune up, and by becoming a Club Fleetside Member gives you your best chance for never needing a tune up. Rest assured that if you do, a Fleetside technician can come to you.

Your cars ability to turn, and the way it handles relies on how well the components in your steering and suspension work. Your shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joint, rack and pinion, power steering pump, are just some of the things that allows you to keep your vehicle on the road. Ask your service advisor for more information. 

Your cars battery enables you to start your car. Not having a charge on your battery means that your car may not start. This could leave you stranded. When you have your vehicle serviced by a Fleetside technician you can rest assured that your battery will be inspected. This simple process can help make sure your not left with a dead battery. With a Club Fleetisde package let us monitor this in real time and catch it before hand. 

Be able to stop on a dime and feel safer about your dime with an Unlimited Mileage Protect Plan. By using a state of the art machine and removing contaminants from your, wheel cylinders, caliper, brake lines, master cylinder, and reservoir and replacing it with new fluid get up to $4000 dollars when serviced at the recommended mileage intervals. Some restrictions may apply. Ask your service advisor for more information.

Climate conditions change throughout different seasons. Your radiator, help keep a constant operating temperature no matter if it is hot or cold. Breakdown of major engine components happen when your engine is not kept at a constant temperature. Let a Fleetside technician flush your radiator and with a becoming a Club Fleetside Member, never worry about over heating again.

When it gets hot and uncomfortable who has time to leave their vehicle at a repair shop. Let a Fleetside technician come to you and repair your A/C. You never have to set foot in a shop - which means your A/C can be repaired while you’re doing something else. We use only the highest quality parts and our technicians are up to date with the latest training which helps keep the repair costs down.

Keeping the power to the wheel starts with efficiency, and there is no better way to do this then replacing the fluid. Preform this service at the recommended mileage along with the gear oil treatment and get up to $4000 dollars in protection, some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

Without a differential you would not be able to turn properly. There are many moving parts to a differential, and having a maintenance program is key to the longevity of the differential. Fleetsides hassle free maintenance program maintains the differential with the latest fluids, techniques and machinery.

The clicking noise that come when you turn your ignition key forward and your vehicle doesn't start is never a good sound especially when you have somewhere to be. No need to call a tow truck, let Fleetside come to you and get you started. With a Club Fleetside Membership, let our maintenance tracker catch these charging and starting problems before they happen.

How efficient your fuel system runs determines your horse power, torque and fuel economy. Let a Fleetside technician preform a fuel system cleaning. Preform this service at the recommended mileage, along with the use of the correct cleaning agents and get a protection plan up to $4000 dollars, some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

The spark plugs job is to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. If you don't have correct combustion, there are many problems that will arise. You won’t always notice it but with becoming a Club Fleetside Member this becomes so much easier. With the information that we get from the vehicle monitoring system, we are able to track this in real time. For more information see Club Fleetside

The cooling system is made up of many different parts working together. Whether you have a bad water pump, or a leaking radiator hose a Fleetside technician can repair these fast, getting you back on the road quickly. Then let us put a maintenance program together so these components will keep your vehicle running cool.

When your vehicle starts to over heat, then most times your radiator is going bad. Let a Fleetside technician come to you and repair or replace your radiator onsite. Then let us protect your new radiator by becoming a Club Fleetside Member, and maintain it properly so that this never happens again.

With out your transmission your vehicle wouldn’t be able to move properly. So keeping your vehicles transmission well maintained is very important. With the use of a transmission fluid exchange machine we are able to change out the fluid in the transmission, torque converter, and transmission cooler. This is the best way to extend the life of the transmission. This service must always be preformed before 100,000 miles. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

As you drive down the road, you want to know that you have full control over your vehicles steering, and the power steering system gives you that control. But we know the cost of maintaining these things is sometimes overlooked. We have made it much easier with the purchase of an Unlimited Mileage Protection Plan, get up to $4000 dollars of protection, some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

Whenever your dreaded “Check Engine” light comes on, a thousand different questions come to mind. The first one is usually, “What’s wrong with my car?” This doesn’t have to be a mystery for long. If you’re a Club Fleetside customer, we’d probably already be calling you with the answer. That’s correct, we're able to get check engine lights in real time allowing us to diagnose the problem before we even get to the vehicle.

One of the most overlooked engine components allows your engine to breath. A dirty or bad air filter can be one of the most common reasons for decreasing fuel economy. Become a Club Fleetside Member and get lifetime air filters. Tired of being told you need to change your air filter every time you have your vehicle serivced? Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

Why not get a Unlimited Mileage Protection Plan when you have your transmission serviced. This consist of using a machine that will exchange your transmissions fluid. With the use of a cleaner that helps break down and dissolve the varnish and sludge that build up over time. Then replace with new fluid and a protectant. Get up to $2000 dollars of protection, some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

Feel safe and comfortable around every corner knowing that if something goes out in your cooling system you can get additional coverage. A Fleetside technician will use a machine to flush your vehicles coolant, removing deposits, scale, and rust. We will then replace the coolant and add protectant. Get up to $4000 dollars of protection, some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

Tires are more important than you think. With todays road conditions getting worse everyday, tires take the abuse from potholes, uneven surfaces, and hot and cold surfaces. Not only does the tire rotation help keep your tires wearing evenly, we thoroughly inspect all components under the finder wells. With a Club Fleetside Membership extend the life of your tires and get as many miles as possible.

Although Fleetsides preventative maintenance program is tailored so that there will not be any costly engine repairs. There is sometime just no way around it, rest assured that a Fleetside technician can come to your place of business home, or jobsite and get you up and running. Just another reason to become a Club Fleetside Member.

As your oil breaks down it can loose properties that help lubricate engine components. The cost of replacing an engine can be devastating. That is why Fleetside has a protection plan that gives you peace of mind. Replace your oil along with an additive at the suggested drain intervals and get up to $4000 dollars in replacement cost, some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

One of the most important things when driving is being able to stop. When brakes become worn it limits you from being able to stop on time. Fleetside technicians pay close attention to the brakes every time a service is done. You'll get a convenient estimate before you need this repair done. Being a Club Fleetside member allows you to be one stop ahead never allowing this service to become a problem.

Protecting the longevity and the life of your vehicle starts with changing the oil and oil filter regularly. With a Club Fleetside membership never worry about falling behind with this most important action. Oil provides lubrication forms protection around engine components and slows down friction and the wear of parts.

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With increasing fuel prices, more people are looking into alternative fuels to power there vehicles. CNG is one of these alternative fuels that Fleetside is experienced with. Keep the convenience and time saving practices with a Fleetside technician that comes to you.

All Fleetside technicians are trained to follow our maintenance inspection requirements. With the use of an electronic inspection nothing with be left to chance. With out a proper inspection program, maintenace can easily be overlooked. This eventually turns into costly repairs. Our one of a kind monitoring system, along with a proper maintenance inspection is what Club Fleetside is all about. For more information see Club Fleetside

Hope you found what your looking for Don't forget Fleetsides maintenance programs are dedicated to keeping you from repairs

Buying a used vehicle is a big decision, and by knowing what your buying before hand can save you thousands. Let an experienced Fleetside technician do this for you. There is more than just kicking the tires involved in an inspection. If we fill that everything is in good working order get discounted pricing on becoming a Club Fleetside Member. This gives you the peace of mind that the used vehicle you are purchasing will be maintained after you dive away with it.


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