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Down time can cost your company thousands, a fleet manager controls preventative maintenance schedules, and reducing repair cost. With Fleetside's one of a kind vehicle monitoring system its like having a personal manager, without the cost.

Having your own fleet mechanic on staff can be very expensive. Fleetside technicians are trained and carry the newest machinery to do just about any maintenance and repair job in the field. With Fleetside's one of a kind vehicle monitoring system its like having a personal mechanic, without the cost.

With the end result in mind, getting you top dollar when its time to trade in or sell. Having both a personal mechanic and fleet manager beside you, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle has been maintained using our revolutionary system. Your decision to choose Club Fleetside gives you back complete control of one of your most over looked assets.

Have you ever thought about what your time is worth? We come to you, so that you save time, not having to wait in line at the quick lube or leave your vehicle at the repair shop. We can preform maintenance and repairs at your place of business, home, or jobsite.

During the maintenance or repair we also preform a comprehensive inspection so that we may set reminders of potential hazards that may become due. Feel safe and comfortable around each corner and every mile knowing that if a check engine light comes on, or it’s just time for maintenance your mechanic and fleet manager are beside you.

Your manager will tailor a maintenance program that fits your budget and meets manufactures recommendations. Knowing that one day you will want to trade up or sell your vehicle we also keep this in mind while tailoring this maintenance program. Once the predetermined services come due, your personal manager is alerted through an email or text message, we then send you a competitive estimate for your review. Once you have agreed, an appointment is scheduled for a convenient time and place.

By plugging in the wireless real time unit into the OBD port located below the steering wheel. Your vehicle is now connected to your personal mechanic and fleet manager. In real time your vehicle can now report information like vehicle diagnostics, battery level, temperature, and much more. Save hundreds in fuel, and stop having to take your vehicle in for service.

First become a Club Fleetside Member, its easy by calling 559-582-4026 or fill out the Club Fleetside form. Choose a Club Fleetside Package that fits your budget, we then configure the units to fit personal preferences. Each unit it specifically tailored to the Club Fleetside Member's needs.

Let us help you get better fuel economy, and manage your vehicle, with real time diagnostics, driving behavior, and reminder notifications. Add on drivers score card, points of interest, eco driving, geo fencing, violation reports, lock out prevention and unauthorized driving. Be able to locate your vehicle if lost or stolen and track your mileage through reports from your personal manager. With the end result in mind, getting you top dollar when its time to trade in or sell. 

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