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Maintaining a fleet is not easy, it can be very time consuming and very expensive if not done right. Save time and money by not having to drop off your vehicle at the repair shop, and never wait in line at the quick lube. With our revolutionizing system, let us manage all of this for you.

Down time can cost your company thousands, a fleet manager controls preventative maintenance schedules, and reducing repair cost. With Fleetside's one of a kind vehicle monitoring system its like having a personal manager, without the cost..

Your driving habits, and conditions must first always determine your drain intervals. As the price of vehicles goes up, getting the life out of your vehicle is even more important. Fleetside, being a leader in advancements, prides it's self on following advancements in the market place. This is also very true when it comes to extended drain intervals. This is why we have made the switch, and have become a dealer for some of these advanced oils. While petroleum base oils are refined, synthetic base oils are manufactured and can achieve a higher performance level. Synthetic oil is chemically engineered for a certain molecular composition with a tailored and uniform structure. Such fine-tuned control over the final molecular composition of synthetic oils is the key to the superior performance properties of these fluids. Designing molecular structures in a planned and orderly fashion results in molecules, and an end-product, that are far more stable than their refined petroleum counterparts. Ask your Fleetside service advisor how to extend your drain interval 

With the end result in mind, getting you top dollar when its time to trade in or sell. We are able to do something that most mechanics don't have any control over. Being able to help you resale your vehicle. Our system doesn't just create convenience, it is also very cognizant by being aware, staying conscious and having knowledge of the end result. You can see what your mechanic sees with electronic inspection. Go Green and save money with lifetime air filter, extended drain intervals, lifetime protection plan, and Carfax reporting. 

Club Fleetside members, save money and help our environment with a onetime purchase of a lifetime air filter. Tired of getting up sold, on an air filter, with lifetime air filters, never pay for an air filter again, under normal conditions. Some restrictions may apply. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

In this information era more and more people are looking for more control over car buying. Searching for maintenance records has become a normal practice. Understanding the maintenance of your vehicle, what is recommended and preforming the proper preventative maintenance program has never been more important. We keep the end result in mind by preforming proper maintenance on time and by reporting to car fax. When you are ready to trade in and upgrade to something new your probably faced, like millions of others, to sell. Stand assured, with a Club Fleetside Membership not only will we preform the proper preventative maintenance program, but we will make sure that it is done on time. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

With the end result in mind, Club Fleetside Members have security in knowing that they can have added value and feel safe if something major happens to a major component of your vehicle with life time protection plans. This is not your manufactures warranty, it is separate and can be transferred when your vehicle is sold. Just preform the services at the recommended service intervals and get coverage on all major vehicle components, transmission, brakes, power steering, fuel, cooling, drive line, and engine. Let us track and set up reminder notifications so that nothing will be over looked or missed. With our vehicle monitoring service you don’t even have to remember when the next service is due. By taking out the human error, have the safety knowing that you are covered, if something unexpected happens with a major component of your vehicle. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

 We don’t claim to take ten minutes for a service because becoming a Club Fleetside Member means we tailor a specific inspection program with the end result in mind and preforming a proper inspection takes time. Our full inspection is state of the art and uses some of the newest technology on the market. We inspect all vital components, take pictures, and explain anything that we see. Your sent a report of this so that you can view it when it is convenient for you to make the decisions, once you decide we then send you a competitive estimate, and then set an automatic reminder in our system. Taking out the human error and in turn streamlining the process. Ask your Fleetside service advisor for more information.

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