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             GPS Tracking Systems


Track assets from your PC laptop and cell phone from anywhere you have internet connection. With live video surveillance, Fleetside has changed the game. Get better fuel economy, and manage your vehicle, with real time diagnostics, driving behavior, and reminder notifications.
Add on drivers score card, point of interest, eco driving, geo fencing, violation reports, lock out prevention, and unauthorized driving. Be able to locate your vehicle if lost or stolen. Track your mileage through report


            Mobile Maintenance                        And Repair

A mechanic that comes to you, at a convenient time and place.

You can see what your mechanic sees with electronic inspections. Go Green and save money with lifetime air filters, extended drain intervals, lifetime protection plan, Carfax reporting and much more from your personal mechanic.

With the end result in mind, getting you top dollar when it's time to trade in or sell. 

Your Personal Manager - Never worry about your maintenance again. Learn More

End Result - Our system doesn't just create convenience it's also very cognizant. Learn More

Maintenance - With automatic maintenance reminders, let us keep track of your service. Learn More

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Go Green - Save money and help our enviroment. Learn More

CarFax - Preforming proper maintenance and reporting to carfax, getting top dollar at time of trade. Learn More

     We're Revolutionizing            

Management With A One      

Of A Kind GPS Tracking System 

From Asset tracking to Live Streaming Video Surveillance

Fleetside Is At The Forefront Of Technology And Has Been Recognized As A Leader In The Industry

It's An Ultimate Solution To Many Problems


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 Integrated Driver's Vehicle Inspection  Report   

         An Affordable And Easy To Use Drivers Log   View From PC Tablet Or Smartphone    

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We're Revolutionizing Fleet Mainenance And Repair

                     How It Works

Easily become a Club Fleetside Member. Choose from mobile maintenance and repair to GPS tracking Tools. 

​Now your mechanic and fleet manager are connected just as if they are beside you. Feel safe and comfortable around each corner and every mile knowing that if a check engine light comes on, or its just time for maintenance your mechanic and fleet manager are beside you.  With the Latest GPS tools on the market rest assure your assets and employees are protected.

Live 3G  video,  Just Like Being There

Combining Mobile Maintenance WithTechnology

No One Better

When IT Comes To

Mobile Maintenance And Repair

Oil Change in Hanford


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